Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bogdan recently forwarded to us a translated letter and photo that the children from Orphanage 12 received in response to a card they sent to "Santa Claus" or more than likely in their case "Father Frost". The response letter to the children was written by a Russian journalist in Moscow:

Dear Children,

Not long ago I was lucky to visit Santa Claus in Finland. His name in Finnish sounds very funny - "Yo-oo-loo-poo-kee". In Russian it sounds funny but in Finnish it means "Father Christmas". On the shelves in his house, Santa has lots of letters from children from all over the world. Santa let me have a look at some of those letters. Imagine my surprise when the first card I took from the shelf read "Z Naikrashimi Pobazhaniami" (Very Best Wishes - in Ukrainian). I don't understand Ukrainian very well but THAT I could understand. The card said it was from children of Orphanage No.12 in Kiev. Having read that card, I felt really warm and bright. You know what? You were the only ones who didn't ask Santa for anything. On the contrary - you were wishing Santa all the very best. Many children in their cards were just asking for things - a car, a helicopter, a truck, a computer, a doll.. .

You children are real good kids! That's what Santa and I concluded. I specifically made a photo of Santa with your card.

I would like to wish you all the very best! Don't give up and don't despair! Santa himself knows about you!

Vika Ivleva
Journalist from Moscow, from "Novaya Gazeta"