Saturday, March 20, 2010

Deaf Orphanage Receives Books

Through the generosity of several donors of An Orphan Smiles, the Bolgrad Orphanage for Deaf Children has received a large shipment of school books.

The children and teachers at the orphanage give great thanks and appreciation for this wonderful donation.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank You From Tsurupinsk Children's Home

An Orphan Smiles received a Thank you letter from Tsurupinsk Children's Home...Translated as follows:

Our sincere gratitude for the attention you are giving our pupils. Thanks to people like you, children do not feel lonely, but their problems are solvable.

We have received your parcel with supplies for painting - paints, brushes, paper. And we have the idea to create an art room. Now this circle works. We send you photos and children's drawings, which were presented at a big Christmas show.

Thank you very much for the ordinary gifts. Games - a very necessary means of education and upbringing of children.

Again, thank you for caring and parental care.

Best regards,
Alevtina V.