Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Orphan Smiles would like to thank Sharon and Pat for contributing a very large donation through "Blankets for Brian". "Blankets for Brian" is in memory of their son. His friends and family gathered a couple weeks ago and assembled 23 boxes to be shipped to Ukraine.

The boxes averaged approximately 30lbs each and are filled with individual bags containing a toothbrush, comb, crayons, gloves, scarf, candy, a stuffed animal and a blanket. There were also bags designed for teenagers and adults. Sixteen of these boxes are on their way to Tsurupinsk Children's Home and the rest are headed to Orphanage 12 where Bogdan will distribute to those who utilize the Graduate Support Center.

The boxes are in the process of being shipped and with any luck will arrive just in time for the Holidays. Now all the children at Mykolaivka, Orphanage 12, and Tsurupinsk Children's Home as well as the older students will receive something individually for the Holidays.

Thank you Sharon and Pat for your thoughtfulness and your very meaningful gifts.