Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christmas gifts

An Orphan Smiles has assembled 170 ziplock bags full of goodies for the children at Mykolaivka Internat, 49 ziplock bags full of goodies for the children at Orphanage 12, and 200 beanie babies and 200 treat bags will be on there way to Ukraine soon for the children at Tsuripinsk. An Orphan Smiles would like to thank everyone who helped make the Christmas project possible. It is your generosity that has enabled the orphans that we help have a wonderful holiday season.

We are still in need of help towards shipping costs. If you can help with any amount to offset the cost of getting the Christmas packages to Myko, O12 or Tsuripinsk it would be very much appreciated. Here is a link to our Christmas page to make a donation:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Annual meeting news.

I would like to take a minute to let you all know that we are planning on holding our Second Annual Meeting of An Orphan Smiles on Saturday November 7, 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is an open invitation to all our supporters to join the board members, officers, coordinators, and other volunteers for this special get together. Anyone is welcome to attend!

Last year eight of us met in Denver, Colorado and having the ability to meet in person really was what got our organization off to a wonderful start! I personally can't say enough about how wonderful it was to meet fellow volunteers in person and really get to know them. The discussions were so productive and we accomplished so much, but at the same time the time spent socializing and getting to know each other was simply awesome and a lot of fun!

We have selected the following hotel for our accommodations and our meeting point as it is not too far from the airport, provides a free airport shuttle and a complimentary breakfast.

Doubletree Guest Suites Phoenix
320 North 44th St., Phoenix, Arizona 85008-7698
Tel: 1-602-225-0500 Fax: 1-602-231-0561
Here is a cut and paste link.

In general, we plan on arriving late afternoon/early evening Friday and departing sometime on Sunday.

If you are at all interested and have any questions please send an email to info@AnOrphanSmiles .org. If you are planning to attend, please email as well so that we can plan activities accordingly based on the number of participants.

Hope to see you in November!

Diane Sitkowski