Friday, October 24, 2008

Financial update

An Orphan Smiles is please to announce that for the months of September and October we have sent $2565 to Orphanage 12 in Kiev to support the Gradudates and the Graduate Support Center. Thanks to all the generous and caring supporters that made this possible.

In Summary:

$1793 was sent to specifically help sponsored Grads.
$ 130 was sent to help with Support Center Rental.
$ 84 was sent to help with Support Center Food.
$ 136 was sent to help cover the Monthly Meeting expenses for Graduates.
$ 145 was sent to help with Legal Fees for Zhenia.
$ 277 was sent to help with the Greatest Needs of Support Center.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tsurupinsk Graduates

A huge thank you to Kelly who now has sponsors for all four graduates from Tsurupinsk. They will be able to purchase things like a warm winter blanket without having to worry about the cold.

Thanks again Kelly for all your hard work and to the wonderful sponsors who will make a difference in these students lives. I am sure these students will never forget your generosity to help them get ahead in life.

Thanks for helping Fedia

I would like to thank the donor who send these art supplies to Fedia Romanov. This talented young man is one of our Tsurupinsk graduates who paints with his mouth. I can't wait to see his artwork.

If anyone is interested in sending more supplies to him please let me know at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boxes headed for Myko

A huge thank you to Debbie Walker, her mother and their donor friends who mailed out two boxes by MEEST to Myko. The boxes are full of heavy sweaters and fleeces for the children. The winter's are extremely cold and this will help to keep them warm and toasty through the cold months. I am looking forwards to posting photo's of the happy children with this lovely gift.

I thought I would share....

We got the below e-mail from Bogdan that I thought I would post. It's good news for the children.

Next week we have a 4-day conference at Orphanage 12 with people from Holland, Russia, the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and other agencies to present some of the changes we have made and share ideas about improving conditions in Ukrainian orphanages. We have invited Valentina from Myko for 2 days, and Alevtina from Tsurupinsk. They will be staying at O12 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully, this will be interesting and helpful to them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October update

It has been a busy first month for An Orphan Smiles. We have welcomed sixty supporters to our group with numbers growing almost daily. Things have started well with the Mykolaivka book project. We hope to get the library fully stocked by early spring. The winters are bleak for the Mykolaivka children and it's our dream to have a book available for every child who wants to read. It would be great to hear that each student has a book tucked under the mattress to read before lights out every night. We currently have over $500 donated for this cause which is fantastic news.

Our initial organizational meeting will be held the second weekend in November. It is a very exiting time for us all and everyone is welcome to attend. This meeting will be in Denver on November 8. If anyone would like further details please feel free to contact Angie at She will be happy to give to accommodation details for those interested in joining us. At this meeting the board will be elected as well as discussing future plans and programs for us. If you have any suggestions for discussions at the meeting we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail Angie at the above e-mail address.
A huge thank you to all who have helped An Orphan Smiles get off the ground. We have a great team of donors and friends and we look forward to a bright future.